So for a long time I have relied on players and me doing a scan with a clunky app and tracking users down by hand. And this has let many many people slip thru cracks, even some long time users.

Well we all know I’m lazy and I also get frustrated doing it at times and let people slide. Well those times are over.

I have worked on a new mod for goslink(sysbot) to do this for me. It will now start to monitor the realms and watch for players having more then 3 in a realm. If it finds someone in violation, it will choose the user on with the least time in the group and ban them for a set time. The time start at 30 min and will get longer and longer for each offense.

I hear a couple of you saying what about me, I play and my kid/wife/roommate plays too. Well contact me and I can whitelist you.

This module will not be enabled for 2 weeks, so for those in violation can get a hold me. Don’t hesitate or you might loose out in valuable scripting time!!!

So tonight(12-24-2020) around 8pm I will be taking the board for a couple minutes to enable the Mob Hunt in Edited realm. It will run till Saturday morning.

So for those that are new and curious what a Mob Hunt is. I will choose randomly 5-6 bosses and add a special item to his drops. These bosses can be anything from Mad Wizard to a matron in Menzo. So there is a chance for every player to get one. I also make their re-spawn time the length of the event so they only spawn the item once.

As always I ask you play with manners, you find one stop hunting so others have a chance.

Mob Hunt is over. Dopeman, Ishmael, and Doctor found 3 of the 7 out there.

Mobs selected:
High Druid
Champion of Blood
Lady of the Dark
giant pulsating cocoon
Jarlar the Feared
great green dragon

So I have added a new feature to goslink, and important one too. It’s for the pvp tourney, but the info will help me later with other things. I need all users to register their accounts with goslink. I will need you to do this with all accounts! Slackers will be shot!

How you might ask? First /sys @account @help, will give you the basic syntax.

On main account:
/sys @account @main : This will create your main account.
On dupes:
/sys @account @dupe (main account) : This is case sensitive, so bearfather is not the same as BearFather.

That’s it.

Holy shit 3 posts in a weeks time, fuck whats the world coming too!

Okay so want to start to flesh out the pvp tourney rules. Got a rough draft of how I envision the equipment points system below. I need input, this is a rough draft and needs some refining.

Another point like to touch is how it would run. I see a section of the realm cut out and players placed in there with their gear and 1 life. My thoughts are also all players are required to join discord, and have 2 channels 1 active in tourney and those not/dead in another channel. Once again want input, need more input to make this work.

I have also thought of a way to display each players progress, not live of course don’t need anyone cheating.

Each item is worth a point value. Starters are free and based off class and included the 5 standard slots. Standard slots are feet,legs,torso,head, and hands.

Starting points: 25

points for items: (type: point cost)
limit 1: 5
limit 3,4: 4
limit 5+: 3

plate: 3
leather: 2
silk: 1

Single handed: 1
Double handed: 2

Jewellery, non limited: 2
Non standard slot, non limited: 1

basic chainmail
basic rigid leather
basic cloth clothes

The gith have come from their home planes to explore this interesting material plane we call home! If you don’t know Gith come in two type GithYanki and Githzerai. And they hate each other to the death! So when you find them you will have to choose which side you want to help and make enemy of the other side. More info: GithYanki and Githerai

There has also been a bunch of rework of older items. And some new items. These new items are geared towards ninjas and witchies mostly. But new items for others are still to be found.

Now this is part 1 of 3, so expect more goodies to come. New MME will be out later this week, don’t want to give away too much.

Updated items/spells:
Erevis Cale suit(did some buffing to bring up to silk)
Ogre skin cloak(changed to natural)
lvl 120 guants(wasn’t suppose to be dbea)
elven warchain tunic(made heavier)
health ion stones(fixed health spell, now gives health while wearing)

lifedrain(made evil on use)
shadow blast(fixed to be a normal combat spell)