So after enabling it correctly we had a nice Mob Hunt. 3 of the 5 cat skin overcloaks were found. The 5 monsters that had the drops are ancient willow, hydra, mammoth rot worm, werewolf, and Prince Melegruant. Hydra and Prince Melegruant were the 2 that did not get hit.

I do miss doing these, just hard to stay up late to enable them. But I hope you guys had fun ransacking the realm.

It’s been awhile since we done one so we are doing one for the 4th.

For those that don’t know, I choose 5 random bosses across the realm and add a special drop on them. This item will drop once for each of the 5 mobs. The boss can be anything from mad wizard to Szass Tam. And if your wondering what item…well that a surprise! Go kill some bosses and find one.

Also like always don’t be a dick, you get one to drop stop hunting and let others have a go. Try to start at the hardest you can hit and go down, gives a chance to the smaller guys to get one too.

So I fucked up the mob hunt. I have corrected the issue and will continue the mob hunt thru the 5th.

So today I updated the edited realm, it has a couple bug fixes and expanded the invasion system.

First lets talk about invasions. I have added 2 new ones to happen in lost. The real dark elves and real duegars can now raid Lost City. Also added bosses and a token drop to the new and old invasions, bosses are random so won’t always get one. If you find the bosses they have higher exp, and drop a token. You take this token to the guild master and you get a chest. At now I will keep the options secret, but astral diamonds and jagged mithril are possible.

Another big change is the the row out from the reef to Aquarious. To stop the spam, I have added a delay to the command and a chance you take damage on a failure. Another one some of the big boys will like, you can now replace your neth mask. Go back to the guy and ask him “mask”. And the last big change is you can now sell mithril/crimson feathers at the junk yard.

There was a couple other small bug fixes but my memory is failing me now.

So next Saturday I will be re-banging the current TW game, and the new 24/7 game. Yep I have added a new 24/7 30k sector game. It has has another new alien, I started it up today to see how they progress and test them out before I re-bang the universes next week. So come check them out and play around before I reset them next weekend.

So finally got this mod finished. Took some time with 600 plus rooms with half those being mazes! Also the quest completed and hopefully fixed the bug with the last soul/hide issue.

In this mod we open up the portals if your on the quest, and you get to jump the planes and explore the great beyond. This mod kinda geared to start playing in 60-80 range, but to complete most likely have to be 100+. Hence the lvl 100 cloaks. Yes the reward for this one will lvl 100 cloaks to upgrade your tattered lvl 50 cloaks.

So get out there and explore the Astral and Chaos planes.

So for a long time I have relied on players and me doing a scan with a clunky app and tracking users down by hand. And this has let many many people slip thru cracks, even some long time users.

Well we all know I’m lazy and I also get frustrated doing it at times and let people slide. Well those times are over.

I have worked on a new mod for goslink(sysbot) to do this for me. It will now start to monitor the realms and watch for players having more then 3 in a realm. If it finds someone in violation, it will choose the user on with the least time in the group and ban them for a set time. The time start at 30 min and will get longer and longer for each offense.

I hear a couple of you saying what about me, I play and my kid/wife/roommate plays too. Well contact me and I can whitelist you.

This module will not be enabled for 2 weeks, so for those in violation can get a hold me. Don’t hesitate or you might loose out in valuable scripting time!!!

So tonight(12-24-2020) around 8pm I will be taking the board for a couple minutes to enable the Mob Hunt in Edited realm. It will run till Saturday morning.

So for those that are new and curious what a Mob Hunt is. I will choose randomly 5-6 bosses and add a special item to his drops. These bosses can be anything from Mad Wizard to a matron in Menzo. So there is a chance for every player to get one. I also make their re-spawn time the length of the event so they only spawn the item once.

As always I ask you play with manners, you find one stop hunting so others have a chance.

Mob Hunt is over. Dopeman, Ishmael, and Doctor found 3 of the 7 out there.

Mobs selected:
High Druid
Champion of Blood
Lady of the Dark
giant pulsating cocoon
Jarlar the Feared
great green dragon