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The Netherese have arrive to claim the realm as theirs!!! Do you have what it takes to brave the barren desert known as Anauroch. Since the return of the Nethril empire the deserts have began to grow life again, but still not enough to make it hospitable. But can you make it thru the mind numbing maze to even make it to the desert???

So part one of the Netheril updates have been installed. This is base for what is to come, and test to see you are up to the full challenge of the Netherese Princes! With this update I have added quite a few new spells, new items, new mobs, and lots of chances to die from falling;) Your levitate cloak will be your savior. To start go find the nomad in the tent on the east side of the scorching desert, ask him netheril.

I added few spells for each magic class. But the one I want to talk about really is the new druid wild shape spells. They transform you into a bear/monkey and will give you bear/monkey claws which you need to equip. While in wild shape you get no spells but your combat is pumped with the claws equipped. To exit wild shape you either let time run out or “use claws”,this will bring you back to your normal self. I did some testing but will need input to tell me if the combat boost are worth the trade for a spell attack instead. Also if you have an overcloak equipped your description will just be blank till you change back.

I also did add a few new bard spells, gave them a new room attack with a chance to drop a room stun. Priest got a new attack spell, and mages a new armour spell to up their dr maybe they won’t be so unhindered like the other magic 3 classes. Have to look at the MME there is quite a bit that is laid down to be used in the upcoming patch.

So go find the nomad and take deep pockets and your levitate cloak.

So lets talk about retiring, yes your getting old and have killed a lot of mobs. Your bones hurt, and you just can’t gain any more exp cause you are just that good. What do you do? Well you retire is what you do! Put your legs up in front of the fire and sip on that cold frothy mug of ale. Time to tell your stories to the noobs and relax. Sure there will be times you just need to get out there and show your might, you can still do that. And I’m gonna tell you how…

Ok so we have a new account class now. If you have a high level character or you maxed on exp you can let me know and I can switch that account to retired. And once you are in in the retired class you are then charged credits to play that account. And you can then make another account to play in the realm to start new. You can only have 3 in the realm at a time, so you will have to choose which one is left out. The retired account will start with 2 weeks of play time in credits, so you can pull them out of the moth balls and play them when you want to. If you run out of credits contact me and will talk about your excessive use of a retired account;)

Got any questions shoot.

FYI mud costs 30 credit’s a min.

We haven’t done a mob hunt in a while now in the edited realm, so I decided to do one for my birthday. So on the 5th late at night I will take the board down for a couple min and enable the mob hunt. And it will go for 24 hrs, so it’s time to get on your boss hunting hats and go find the birthday sash!

For the newbies here that asking what is a mob hunt? Well a mob hunt is where I will take 3 totally random bosses ranging from mad wizard to a matron, so everyone has a chance to get one. I will then put on a special item on it to drop 100%, and make them 24/hrs regen. Then you have 24 hrs to kill bosses till you can find one. These items are unique and have something really cool they do, and this is the only way to get those items.

Also once again I need to remind you don’t be a dick and keeping killing bosses after you find one. Give everyone a chance to get it.

So mob hunt is over! But we came out with 2 of the 3 birthday sash’s found. The two lucky guys where Wintermute and Jek. The 3 mobs that where chosen this time was great green dragon, ancient gremlin shaman, and high druid. They found theirs on the druid and dragon. Nice job guys!

Birthday sash:
Max dmg: 3
Crits: 3
Alter spell length: 3
Alter spell dmd: 3

Ok so I have now added the third section of Chult. I would say last one, but they just released a bunch of info on Chult like undead dino’s. And I love that idea.

Ok got sidetracked there. This update brings with it a few more items to be found. Three new bosses, a new quest. It also brings in another connection to the underdark. The area brings with it new scripting spots, and some new mobs. Almost forgot brings healing to mages and higher level healing for druids.

I have also did some tweaking on a few higher lvl items, and fixed the limited issue with some of the new chult items.

Ge out there and go kill some shit! Ohh yeah also a new MME is out with this update, and few days ago I have uploaded some more maps. If there is any maps that are missing let me know.

So I have finished the hireling system, and added 6 hirelings. They are either 75 plat or 150 plat, depending the the level you choose. You can buy tokens from the hireling shop that’s north of the axes shop in Silvermere. Once you by a token goto to the backroom and give the token to the hireling you bought a token for. Careful I have not put in a system to reject tokens for the wrong hireling. Once you have done that you will get a message and the hireling is yours for an hour. If you give them another token while you have time left it will extend your current time but 60 minutes.

If a hireling dies and mega actually works right they will end up in the halls with their hireling gear, and should re-equip there items, and weapons when they go into battle. Then they will be back to having no general items like a rope and money.

Now for those that haven’t read the previous post once you hire a hireling you basically have full mega commands on the hireling. And only the player that has rented the hireling will be able to do commands. There is two more commands added they are @time which will tell you the time left and @done will end your contract early with the hireling. When the hireling contract ends either by running out of time or you ending it with the @done command. The hireling will sys out and return to the waiting room.

So here the stats on the hirelings:
LowPriest level 50:
Ac: 98/20
Hp: 635
Mana: 676
Attack Spell: exalted word

HighPriest level 90:
Ac: 139/65
Hp: 1030
Mana: 1016
Attack Spell: exalted word
Extra healing command: @fuck will cast divine breathe(massive party heal)

LowMage level 50:
Ac: 87/22
Hp: 600
Mana: 676
Attack Spell: prismatic beam
Multi Attack: Prismatic blast (more then 3 monsters)

HighMage level 90:
Ac: 127/42
Hp: 1029
Mana: 1016
Attack Spell: dark lightning bolt
Multi Attack: tidal wave (more then 3 monsters)

LowWarrior level 50:
Ac: 102/22
Hp: 1238

VetWarrior level 90:
Ac: 126/42
Hp: 2094

Ok so I wrote a program this weekend to provide players hirelings. For now it only for renting Dumbass to go kill shit or recover a death pile. You can hire him for an hour per runic. He will follow megamud commands sent to him if you hire him. But only from the player that hired him, minus basic party commands like @health, @heal, and so on. Plan to add others to this list of hireling npcs like a generic priest, warrior, and mage.

To hire Dumbass, check to see if he is in the halls, go up to the temple healer and “buy token” from him it cost 1 runic. Then give the token to Dumbass and he will become your happy little bot. If you hand him another token while you have time left he will extend your time by an hour. So buy 2 and hand him 2 you get 2 hours.

There is two commands beyond mega’s set of commands and those are:
@done will end your time early if your done with him
@time will tell you how much time you have left on the job.

So I added 4 new maps today. I added Mithril Hall, Many Arrows, Ocean, and Chult(part 1). That should be all my added area’s minus a few transitional areas and Icewind Dale(No one near this yet). I know I have been slacking on these and paths. So let me know which maps I’m missing and what paths do I need to add.

Also not sure if I ever mentioned there is a new MME or not so hey there a new MME with all the latest info, of course minus Chult part 2 map.

Ok finished the second part of Chult. I have added a level 70 quest that gives you 100 mil exp and a cool trinket per your class. And of course it’s a realm runner and require you to kill Jeffery(massive sand worm) per player, so enjoy that. It also includes new armour and a weapon for witchhunters at level 70. Gives some decent bonuses and actually has an on use for when you complete the set.

Not gonna list out all the new items but will list a couple a few things.

multifaceted diamond:
Loyal: 1
Mana: 100
Mana Rgn: 20
Max Spell Dmg: 5

multifaceted ruby:
Loyal: 1
Max Dmg: 3
Dodge: 10
HP: 100
Level: 70

multifaceted emerald:
Loyal: 1
Max Dmg: 2
Dodge: 5
Mana: 50
Mana Rgn: 10
HP: 50
Level: 70

healing salve:
Uses: 10
heal: 30-50 (non magical)
Level: 30

superior healing salve:
Uses: 20
heal: 80-150 (non magical)
Level: 70

magmatic spear: 2H sharp
Speed: 2500
Str: 80
Acc: 12
Dmg: 25-65
HitMagic: 8
Crits: 3
MR: 25
Rfir: 15
OnHit: 10% 10-30 damage
Level: 70

So I have updated the server with a new expansion, it’s actually part 1 of 2. It got so big I have to break it in half and give you the first half to learn it.

So I tried to tune it to lvl 60’s kinda of a struggle for a solo 60, but a pair should do ok. It’s in a far off land to the west, it’s a newly discovered land with ancient monsters not seen for thousands of years. Strange people, magics are yours to discover!

Ok enough of the of that lets get to the brass tacks. This is a new area that is found by jumping on the boat from the pier in Aqurious. There is a 2 runic tax to get into the boathouse(cost of the ticket). Then just “buy ticket” at the counter. This will put you in a waiting room for the rest of your party. Once your boat is loaded for everyone going on the trip 1 PERSON does “use ticket” and it will put you on the boat to the new area. The boat is a 10 min journey, there is no way around this. Enjoy the ride. There is only 3 boats so make sure it’s full before you go. Or else someone gonna be waiting for awhile.

Found in this new area, is several monsters that have been in the dats but never used. We going prehistoric in this bitch. It’s a jungle full of dino’s so watch it! Of course there is a maze in the middle of it so don’t get lost. We got 2 big boys that do wander the area so watch out. Also there is a bank there cause you will need to take some cash with you.

I’m tired and will post the new item’s and mob’s tomorrow but if you can’t wait the MME has been updated. Of course the map part is blocked out till it’s explored.

So been working on a cool new area, and it’s a good size, so far we are at 1189 rooms! So there is plenty enough room for scripting, there is 7 new area’s that can be scripted. Everything has been built except items, not sure what you guys are in need of in the lvl 60 range. Lvl 50 range you got a ton of new items. So I need to hear from you what is needed in that range, this area will probably be doable at lvl 55, but 60 easily. Scripting solo by 70.

So holler at me in game, send me a tele(I read dumbass’s tele’s all day long) or hell an email. But tell me what I should add in this update. I like to wrap this up and put in the update this next weekend.