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I have added walk thru fr the two new quest I added.  They are in lvl 15-20 and lvl 50-60 sections.  It has the complete walk thru for both.


If you guys come up with new ideas, you can always post up in the forums and we can discuss them and get them into the game.

So I added a new area for around lvl 20-30. It also includes a daily quest. To do daily quests you need to get a quest medallion from Slim. Ask him “Quest Medallion”. He will give you a medal that can be “used” daily to reset quest flags.

To start this quest and find this area, go to the last south “go path” in the Darkwood forest, before the barrier. Find one of the farmers and talk to them. Ask them help, and go collect.

This area has a new mob, and item. Go play and find out more!