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So this stuff has been in for about 4 or 5 days now. Just been lazy and haven’t posted it up. I will make a walk thru tomorrow for the new trainer.

The new area is in mod 9 on the outside wall of the town. There is a down, follow that. Careful shit is mean. Need a mag 5 weapon to explore too far into it. But lot’s of exp to be made. There is a new boss here. He drops a 2 new items. One is the key to the new trainer. He’s in the Ancient jail. But I will give you a full walk-thru tomorrow. Also the new guys in the jail will start a new alignment quest i have planned.

Also I have upped the halls healing from 3% to 10%. Also added a 1% chance for 5 rounds of rapid healing. So till tomorrow. I also meant to grab new dats for MME for but forgot when clean was going. Sorry, will try here in the next few days to get it done.

So I added a couple new spells, resist water. It’s a lvl 6 mage and druid spell. Found in the blue tower. I also added resist water to globe of elements and song of the elements. They are based off the current rcold spells. So the values are as follow.


Also fixed the bug to get to the Eldarin elder. So now you can get to him. I do plan to add a quest other then the hides to him. But haven’t figured out what the reward should be. If you got an idea post up in the forums.

Ok so here is the list of items changed.

crimson feather:
hps=25 (from 50)
mithil feather:
manargn=10 (from 60)
hps=10 (none before)
hprgn=10 (from 30)

splinter storm:
lvl=60 (from 47)
mana=25 shot (from 20)

phaerimm hide:
phaerimm hide tunic:
hpregn=30 (from 40)

phaerimm hide leggings:
lost 10% Enc boost
Lost 50 Hp boost

phaerimm hide boots:
Lost 20 Hp boost

phaerimm hide helm:
Lost 6 crit boost
Lost 25 Hp boost

phaerimm hide gauntlets:
Lost 86 speed boost
Lost 25 Hp boost

skull mask:
switched to face

Lost 4 max dmg

ice scepter:
manargn=30 (From 50)

gods hand:
spell=mana rgn 1-20 (From 5-65)

golden chakram:
crits=6 (from 5)
hits=15-40 (from 12-40)

crits=5 (from 6)
Prot evil=10 (from 20)
Prot good=10 (from 20)
Lost 20 Hprgn

eagle eye glasses:
removed magical flag