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So been working on this for a couple nights, and passed out before I got it in last night. But finished up the spell’s collecting textblocks.

So with this update I will be adding new spell for druid,priest, and bard. Adding a new roaming mob in the desert “massive sand worm”(good exp). A new lvl 55 1hand sharp item. And new lvl 60 1h blunt.

A lot of it goes with the recent update with the new area, some of it else where. Also added eel ring armour inf to the newbie guide(50-60).

Priest spell:
ask Pastor Lander righteous fury

Bard spell:
ask traveling band song of war

Druid spell:
kill water king

scaled harpoon:
kill water king

sandstone rod:
kill massive sand worm

So I finally finished up the new area. With this new area comes new boss, new spell, new chainmail armour set, 3 new mobs. Also a new small town with a couple of buildings.

To get to this new area. First you need a log,skiff,or canoe. Then on the 6 most west rooms in the sandbar, try to “row out”. It’s random to actually get on the ship to take you to the new place. Then “sail home” to leave. Also the pool is the key to find the second part of the new area.

I also added Tidal wave for mages room attacks. I know it sounds more like a druid spell. But druids got the last big room spell. Also added eel ring chainmail. Once this set is complete you get a spell that does +2 damage, +3 crits,+5 dodge. So start collecting the dead eels:)

I will put this up in the newbie guide with more walk of a through when a few people have hit it.