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So went thru and updated the maps to include almost all the maps 75% on here. Some are simple one ways or very self explanatory or a bitch to map like the tundra.

So go have a look….

Ok so PVP night has begun. The way it works.

When you die you will end up in some death room (IE HOD). You will go up like normal. But you will end up in the PVP room. From this room type “token”. You will be given a token. Too much code was required so no message is sent when this happens. Then you can go n/s/e/w and be ported out of the area to the area you went too. If you don’t have a token the room will spam you till you goto the middle and get a token.

The token’s can not be dropped, but will drop when you die. You want to collect as many as you can. PVP token 1=.5 points, PVP token 2=1 point. LVL 44 and below get lvl 1’s, 45 and above you will get a lvl 2. So at the end of the day I will go thru people inv and check for winners. Now each class gets a different token so excessive amount of 1 class will get those dropped in the final count. So mix up the kills.