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So first I want to say thank you guys for being here and making this board so great.  People all day said thanks to me for all the work I have done.  But I don’t need thanks, it’s the players that make this board so great.  So I want to thank you.  Thank you for being so helpful to new people and old.  Thank you for being a good bunch of guys.  Thank you for your continued support and enjoyment.

So to another great year to come….


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So tomorrow is the edited realm 1 year anniversary(4-14-15). So to celebrate I wanted to run a mob hunt event. But it’s middle of the week and I won’t be able to set it up tonight. So this Saturday I will start a mob hunt. For those not here x-mas time we had a 3 mobs that dropped santa hat’s. Mad Wiz,cyclopes,and giant two-headed troll. This cool little item would give you full hps/mana on use. But limit to 3 for the lifetime of that item.

So this Saturday I will run a mob hunt, from cleanup to cleanup. This time I will set 6 mobs to drop a “cat skin overcloak”. Now the range of mobs can anything from cave bear to oz, ok maybe not oz. But I will put it on randomly between new and old bosses. So time to hit those old forgotten bosses. Start with the harder ones for your levels give the low guys a chance.

cat skin overcloak:
ac: 0
+20 stealth
+1 damage
+3 crits
1 time use: full hps/mana

So finally got the update put in tonight at cleanup. At the same time I pulled a new MME dat file for the updates, minus half of the new area. I put the first half in. Got to explore and find out how to make a cloak of levitate(500 runic), and then figure out how to get into the actual houses.

So enjoy.

So I have finally finished this massive update. Only took 2 months. This is the update that includes the 6th alignment quest. There is now weapons that hit magic 8. And will need at least for the final quest boss. There is 10 new bosses. And all will have to be killed to finish the quest. So I’m gonna try to list as much as I can remember. Feeling pretty shitty right now so lets see how well I can do this.

New Mobs:
dark elf commoner
dark elf warrior
dark elf guard
dark elf priestess
drider guard
Matron Barrison Del’Armgo
Matron Faen Tlabbar
Matron Xorlarrin
Matron Mizzrym
Matron Fey-Branche
Matron Melarn
weaponmaster of House Baenre
Matron Baenre

New Items:
Chests for each house. (placed in a room daily)
whip of fangs
dark elfgreatsword
drow mesh armour
red spidersilk armour
black mithril plate armour
black adamantite warhammer
black adamantite broadsword
black adamantite shortsword
black adamantite greatsword
drider skin shield
black mithril bracers
ion stone (one for each stat)

New Spells:
dark lightning(mage-2)
forked dark lightning(mage-3)
divine breathe(good priest)
shadow blast(evil priest)
balanced word(neutral priest)
frigid wind(druid-3)
greater healing(priest-1 lvl 55)
major healing rain(priest-1 lvl 70)
godheal(priest-2 lvl 55)
greater healing rain(priest-2 lvl 70)

New shop:
Obsidian tower(middle of storm mountain near Lallim Whitemane)

New Area:
Menzoberranzan, the dark elf deep dark city. Loaded with traps and riches. Over 30 new scripting spots, varying in size and difficulty. We have rothe, kobold slaves, and even matron mothers. Each matron brings a different style of combat. You get to even battle Lloth hand maidens yochlol’s.

Changed the master assassin perfect stealth quest to give 10k instead. I have removed perfect stealth. So no more hog sneakers being perfect sneakers. Anyone with the ability now will loose it. And the quest was made a daily quest for all classes, that only gives out 10k exp. Ask him secret as he dieing.

I will add more as I remember it.