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Sorry meant to post this last night, but got distracted with rumble in this new area. For a 64 miss it was a tad hard never made it to the actual dragons:)

So last couple weeks been working on a new area with dragons. It also comes with new studded leather armour at 60, that’s cross between warchain and the dragon leathers. Need to collect hides to make them. There is also a new area with a new set of worms. I trying a new trick with regen to see if it make’s it easier to run but generate a lot of exp. This area is made for 50-60’s to play in. There is also a new dragon boss. It’s easier then the elder, but harder then huge black. So enjoy.

The good thing about me playing first I made paths to get to it and will be posting it up here.

green crystal worm
blue crystal worm
crystal dragon hatchling
baby crystal dragon
young crystal dragon
adolescent crystal dragon
huge crystal dragon

crystal studded boots:
ac: 6/1
enc: 80
resist : 2 (all elements)
crystal studded leggings:
ac: 9/1
enc: 120
resist: 5 (all elements)
crystal studded tunic:
ac: 25/4
enc: 650
resist: 10 (all elements)
dodge: 5
hp: 20
crystal studded helm:
ac: 8.5/1
enc: 120
crit: 5
sc: 10
resist: 5 (all elements)
crystal studded gauntlets:
ac: 7/1
enc: 120
resist: 5 (all elements)