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EDIT: Realized I never told you where to get to it. I updated the Aquarius map to show where to go to get there.

So right now I’m putting my finishing touched on a new update. This update includes a new area the ocean, which includes 5 new mobs, 2 new bosses, and several new scripting spots. One of the bosses is the kraken, now he a little harder then the area so be careful. This area is geared towards 50’s, maybe solo 60’s. I will warn you you need to find the aqurious mask before you go in, if you don’t it won’t be a pretty site.

kuo toa
kuo toa monitor
kuo toa whip

kuo toa king:
drops: Blibdoolpoolp idol, steel chest, golden box

drops: steel chest,golden box, exp

Blibdoolpoolp idol (key)

aquarius mask:
effects: Allow to breathe under water, better version of gnomish fish helm.

This area is massive, it has a lower area that only spawns sharks and octopuses. It’s not hard pretty easy and is one big zone for scripts. Upper is divided up with 2 sides. Two more scripting spots up here. This area will spawns octopuses and sharks, but will also spawns kuo toa. Kraken is also hidden in this area.

Kua toa village:
This area has several scripting spots, including a temple to the Sea Mother. The king is also here which drops the key you need to find the kraken. Small area but still provides 3 separate scripting spots.

So had a few things that need tweaking like descriptions and item type on the collectible update. I also notice scripting an area with these items you collect them pretty fast. So I increased all the turn in amounts to 20 and see how that goes. I was hoping that a couple days you have only a couple turn in’s at the higher levels. I might lower the lower levels ones some to help with early money.

I also added a new priest spell, it was something I thought about while watching some Dr. Who. Light burst, it gives you a brief amount of light in the room. And added a new kai power.

light burst: priest
Lvl: 40 (priest 2:60)
Mana: 15
Target: Room
Dur: 4 rnds
First 2 rnds +200 RoomIllu, SeeHidden
Second 2 rnds +100 RoomIllu

way of the elephant: mystic
Lvl: 60
Kai: 4
Dur: 60
5-6 MaxDamage and Crits, -5 Dodge

So I finally finished the collectibles update. I also added hein’s cross idea and fixed a few spells. Not a huge update, but I finally finished this so I can now work on something else like a new area. I got stuck on a boring tedious precise process, lots of texts and commands. But it’s done, remember I run low on cool ideas so go post up in the forums your idea’s and most likely I will put it in.

Also I have updated the MME with the latest info, so head over to files to download.

To deal with your collectibles there is two new shops and npc. The shops are 1 south of the bank in town. And then 3 south from the bank is the crafter. And how this works you find items that are 0 enc through out your journeys in the realm. You can take those items to the trinket shop and sell them. Or you can take them to the crafter and have him combine them for a price, he will then give you a more valuable item. You can then take that item to the second floor of the trinket shop and make more money then if you sold the singly. A list below are the items you can find and make with them.

large spider leg:
spider leg brooch

broken blade:
pieced blade

hog tooth:
hog tooth necklace

ogre tooth:
ogre tooth necklace

violet fungus spore:
violet fungus ball

mino horn:
mino horn breastplate

black fungus spore:
black fungus ball

roc feather:
roc feather headress

mermex leg:
mermex leg cape

worm skin:
worm skin tunic

rotting tentacle:
rotting tentacle whip

white golem eye:
golem eye necklace

storm nut:
storm nut necklace

small crystal:
crystal shard

demon tooth:
demon tooth brooch

huge platinum cross:
Offhand (Paladin, Cleric, Priest, & missionary)
AC: 5/1
Acc: 10
ManaRgn: 25
Lvl: 60
Casts: (Mana to cast: 30)
cross of vengeance: 400rnds, roomillu +200,acc+5,maxDmg +2