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So it’s been a while since I made the guide, and been just patching things into it. It has since got ugly and disorganized, so today I went thru and made sure all my area’s where add in, and all the info was clean formatted correctly. I have two area’s left to work on. Go thru all the item’s that was added and add them to the appropriate page and correct info. And then I need to write the walk-thru for the menzo alignment quest. Looks like it might have to be on it’s own page since it needs to be broken down per alignment.

So if it’s been awhile since you read it or are new go have a look and jog thru, maybe there is something you missed or didn’t know about.

So added 3 new belts, and upped the min damage on dark fork lightning. The new belts are gotten from the krakken chest. Which of course comes from the krakken.  I also added black mith guants to the party kinda left them out.  Also pulled a new MME for download.

fishbone belt:
ac: 2/.5
maxdmg: 3
crits: 2
magical: 1
level: 40

scaled belt:
ac: 3/.5
mr: 15
magical: 1
level: 40

tentacle belt:
ac: 2/.5
hpregen: 20%
hp: 10
magical: 1
level: 40

woundersous wand:
random chance of following effects:
fury(acc +20,maxdmg +10,speed 50,hitmagic 10,crits 10,ac 10,dr 10,mr 10) 2 rnds
stoned(room:confusion 100%) 1-3rnds
slim’s shell(reqtohit 9,spell immune,mr 1000,hitmagit 10,ac 100,dr100,heal 9999,healmana 9999,dodge 100) 2 rnds
teleport(to desert)

black mithril guantlets (plate):
ac: 10/3.4
mr: 10
magical: 1
level: 70
(magic upgrade)
able to cast divine mercy
(combat upgrade)
maxdmg: 2