All posts for the month April, 2016

Well that was a quick and quite one. Only one person was able to find the item and get it off the boss. And he got it from the hardest boss with one. It was Shisenshi/Falgore who got it from the darken beast lord. The other two mobs that had one was the storm commander in the outpost, and dark bishop in the black fort.

So next time better get a better hustle on. I know it was kinda a surprise, but I was bored and a free 30 min to make it happen.

So today we will do a 24 hr boss hunt. For those that are new, what a boss hunt is, I will load 3 bosses from the realm with a unique item. These 3 bosses will range from lvl 1-100, it’s totally random. But even the lowest player will have the ability to get one. All I ask if you find one let the others have a chance.

This time the item is a surprise, I will give you one hint. It does a room effect, and one use per day.

So get out there and get to hunting!

Ok so had a few fixes I need to do and some maintenance on a few things today. And uplaoded a new MME, lets see if the black mith guants show up this time;)

I removed witchies and put in clerics on the drider skin shield. They couldn’t use it so added clerics instead.
I added the magical flag to the lightning sword.
Changed the whip of fangs viper bite to a lvl based damage. So it can go lower but can also go higher depending on your lvl.
Fixed the 6th quests textblocks so the old amazon woman and storm giant king should talk now.
Fixed the yellow bone portal to allow anyone who has at least killed the dark mage to enter it.
Fixed the menzo chests drop on the black mith guants.