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So I added some daily mob hunts for you guys. If you kill 20 of a certain monster you will gain exp for that mob. I will post the break down below. Also these are dailies so you need a quest medallion to reset them. Ask slim “quest medallion” to get one. Slim is also the guy you need to talk to for these quest.

Ask slim these commands for info…
mob dailies: gives you the list of mobs and reward
mob check: will tell you the progress of each quest
mob turn in: will give you exp for finished quests.(only per time asked)

Daily Mob Rewards:

If you kill orc trainees, you will gain 250k exp.
If you kill adolescent dragons, you will gain 750k exp. (except crystal’s)
If you kill Many Arrow grunts, you will gain 15m exp.
If you kill stitches zombies, you will gain 5m exp.
If you kill fire giants, you will gain 5m exp.
If you kill dark elf commoners, you will gain 10m exp.
If you kill bone warriors, you will gain 750k exp.

So I forgot to post up the info on this update….

So there is a couple new area’s in this update. And a few new items and bosses. This area has been designed for 100 plus, and huge. There is two ways into this area. First you can access it through north side of blackwood forest(mod 9). You need to go thru an icy tunnel, and does big time cold damage, and drops you off in Many Arrows. The other entrance is from menzo’s front gate*. There is 4 new area’s in this pack, underdark, Mithril Hall, many arrow’s kingdom, and dark arrow keep. This update also allows players to train to 150. There is a trainer to be found in many arrow main area. There is a puzzle to solve that will allow you to get into the new trainer. No boss this time, I was being nice. I also added new ninja gear that is attained by doing a daily quest, in many arrows.

*When we first got access to Menzo you were actually coming through the back side, through their kobolds pens. It was a hole that broke through so we were able to access it. Which is the east side of Menzo, the main gate to Menzo is actually on the west side. And the main gate leads to the underdark.

Banak Brawnanvil:
drops: large platinum chest (upto 2x)
drops: aegis-fang

King Obould:
drops: large platinum chest (upto 2x)

aegis-fang: (2h blunt)
dmg: 38-51
acc: 3
speed: 3200
minlvl: 120
magical: 8
crits: 3
casts: 50% blue lighting: 80-270 dmg

jagged piece of mithril: (1h sharp)
dmg: 17-42
acc: 3
speed: 2300
minlvl: 70
bsacc: 5
bsmindmg: 10
magical: 8
casts: 50% blue lighting: 80-270 dmg

clacker overcloak:
ac: 5

rotheskin overcloak:
ac: 2
dr: 10

starfield overcloak:
ac: 2
dodge: 10

lionskin overcloak:
ac: 2
max dmg: 2

ogre skin cloak:
ac: 4
dr: .5
maxdmg: 5
hprgn: 25
hp: 100
bsmin: 30
bsmax: 40
minlvl: 100

Bigby’s cloak:
ac: 4
dr: .5
mana: 100
manargn: 25
hp: 50
mr: 30
resist elements: 20
minlvl: 100

secondhand cloak:
mana: 50
manargn: 20
hp: 75
resist elements: 20
bsmin: 20
bsmax: 30

ion stone major(type):
+20 to stat of type

orc fur pelt:

white healing feather:
uses: 20
casts: godheal

blue healing feather:
uses: 100
casts: divine breathe (self only)

Erevis Cale’s armour(ninja)
minlvl: 100

ac: 7
dr: .5
acc: 5
dodge: 20

ac: 19
dr: 1.5
acc: 3
hp: 100
perfect stealth

ac: 6
dr: .4
maxdmg: 3

ac: 6
dr: .4
dodge: 5

ac: 7
dr: .9
crits: 6

Spell for full set: (50 rnds)
heal: 2 (2 hps per rnd)
bsmin: 20
bsmax: 20
bsacc: 20

So went thru and moved all the external files off dropbox and moved the map files to onedrive, and paths and other files to google. So we shouldn’t have that issue again. Which also means the MME is available to be downloaded and see all the cool stuff added.

I will post up here soon all the info on the new update.

EDIT: I was looking at the MME and it seems there is a bunch of stuff not listed so I will have to pull another one tomorrow.

So I installed the update this morning and when I went to test something I found a bug. A simple monster in the wrong mob index. So I shutdown the server, and when the server about to shutdown I lost all connection to it. So working on that right now. So as soon as I get connected back up I will fix the issue and get the server running. So net is back and server running again!

Second issue, seems I use too much bandwidth for dropbox. So I will have to find a new place to host my images, I have very little storage on the actual site host. So I will get that also figured out soon. Cause I updated the MME today with the new big update, and you can’t download it right now cause of i’m out of bandwidth.