All posts for the month July, 2016

So for those that haven’t heard we lost internet last night to the box. The cable modem just kept recycling, and so last night we hoped it was just a bad internet connection. Well got up this morn and the modem was still just cycling. So now we have a message to the cable company, waiting to hear if the line is down or not. If it’s not the line we will get a new modem tonight.

So if everything goes right we will have internet back and get our fix on. Sucks had to be my one day off a week and I get this handed to me.

So we got a new update, it’s for 120+ mainly. I did add 2h blunt weapon for lvl 50. It’s a version of dual longswords but hammer form. I also added a massive new area with new items, mobs, and town with a bank. The new shops are not cheap, you thought the obsidian is spendy! I think might be the last update for higher levels for a bit might focus on some lower lvl ones.

I was gonna list the new items out like I normally do but you guys can grab the MME and look. I made new sets of armour for all styles, even witchs. Added new back items for magic 3 users that adds cool new spells. Also added a buff to mystic combat with a new form and power with a new item that adds those spells. Been noticing kodiak has dropped off in the damage compared to others in his lvl range.

There seems to be a nasty storm in the area where the box is. I got a warning about an hour ago, but was napping between school and work. So I did not get a chance to batten down the hatches before it hit. So we might loose today’s exp if it went down badly. But expecting worst case there. Might come up and run no issues. So cross your fingers….and yes I’m talking to you!

So got up this morning and the storm knocked out quiet a bit power in Minneapolis, MN. So there is no power to the server, I hope it comes back up before I head for the coast for my B-Day. Hell of present mother nature!