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So I have made ion stones to increase your stats. Well doing this whole time thinking adding to your stats would actually increased the things depended on them. Well I was wrong! Web is the only one who has gotten them so far and finally did some testing with them and found they don’t do anything but make your stat pretty. So I went thru and added the stuff you would get if you were to raise those stats. Remember this is actually what you get when you train, minus thievery,traps,picklocks, and tracking, the SC is also different it’s been avg out over the classes.

What you get from ion stones:
Strength: 5% Encumberance, +1 Damage
Agility: +2 A/C, +1 Accuracy, +2 Stealth
Intellect: +1 Critical Hit, +6 Perception, +1 Stealth, +2 M/R, +3 S/C
Willpower: +2 Perception, +7 M/R, +3 S/C
Health: +4 Hit Points (per lvl)
Charm: +1 Perception, +2 Stealth, +4 S/C, +1 Critical Hit, +1 Accuracy, +1 Dodge

What you get when you train:
Ability: For every 10 pts added:

Strength: 480 Encumberance, +1 Damage
Agility: +2.5 A/C*, +1 Accuracy, +2.5 Stealth
Intellect: +1 Critical Hit, +6 Perception, +1 Stealth, +1.5 Thievery, +2 Traps, +3 Picklocks, +2 Tracking, +2 M/R, +5 S/C (Mage), +3.5 S/C (Druid), +1.6 S/C (Priest)
Willpower: +2 Perception, +1 Tracking, +7 M/R, +2 S/C (Mage), +3.5 S/C (Druid), +5 S/C (Priest),+2 S/C (Bard)
Health: +4 Hit Points
Charm: +1 Perception, +2.5 Stealth, +1.5 Thievery, +3 Traps, +1 Tracking, +5 S/C (Bard), +1 Critical Hit, +1.2 Accuracy, +1 Dodge

So I had to explain how to train past 65 so many times. And normally point to the post on then end up telling them how to do it anyhow to make it easier to understand. So yesterday I decided to build a list of the trainers. And how to get to the hard or edited ones. So it can be found in the menu under newbie guide, or you can find it at the bottom of the first page of the newbie guide. So go have a look, might as well cause any questions on trainer will be pointed to that page.

Click me! Might as well cause you will in the end. Just DO it NOW!