All posts for the month November, 2016

So tomorrow I plan to run a turkey day mob hunt.  For the new people what a mob hunt is, I will make a special item that can only be gotten during a mob hunt.  I will take 4 mobs and add this special item to it, make it 100% drop.  Now these mobs can range from the cave bear to the dark mage.  So everyone has a chance to get them.  Now the only one rule I ask that if you find one you stop hunting and let others get a chance.  Then of course if it’s getting late and people had a chance rump away.

Now this mob hunt item is called cornucopia.  It will have only 5 uses for the life time of the item.  And on use it will grant you massive healing powers.  It will give you 20-30 hps per rnd and double your resting rate, for 20 rnds.  Remember this will only have 5 uses period they don’t recharge, so use them wisely.

The Server has been moved as of last night, so IP has been changed. So you need to flush your DNS to reconnect, or find the IP on the facebook group.
I’m not gonna post my public IP on the website for the whole world to view. But I did post it on FB mud group, fewer dumbass’s see it there so less likely to be messed with.

Just a little FYI Bear’s BBS will be up and down today getting the box it’s on ready to be shipped to me. So at some point today the IP will change to a new (temp) IP at some point. So if you use that too connect be aware tonight you will loose the abil to connect. You can use the domain to connect it will be updated.

Once again the board will be up and down all day so be prepared to see the shutdown warning…altho I will ask each time.

A little background on what’s going on. The server been having lots of power issues lately and the UPS batteries died last year. The cause of this power issue is the place it’s plugged into is very loose and they keep bumping it. So fed up with these issues I having the whole server packed up and sent to me, it’s currently in Minnesota at a friend’s house. We built it together years ago for minecraft, it was built to run a virtual multi server minecraft network, and it’s a monster of a machine with dual xeons running 48 gigs of ram. Well I gave up minecraft 5 years ago him 7, so now it just sits there running 1 vm for this board.

So today I am prepping the box to be shipped to me and transferring the VM to another server till it’s gets here and I rebuild the whole box.