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So I have updated the server with a new expansion, it’s actually part 1 of 2. It got so big I have to break it in half and give you the first half to learn it.

So I tried to tune it to lvl 60’s kinda of a struggle for a solo 60, but a pair should do ok. It’s in a far off land to the west, it’s a newly discovered land with ancient monsters not seen for thousands of years. Strange people, magics are yours to discover!

Ok enough of the of that lets get to the brass tacks. This is a new area that is found by jumping on the boat from the pier in Aqurious. There is a 2 runic tax to get into the boathouse(cost of the ticket). Then just “buy ticket” at the counter. This will put you in a waiting room for the rest of your party. Once your boat is loaded for everyone going on the trip 1 PERSON does “use ticket” and it will put you on the boat to the new area. The boat is a 10 min journey, there is no way around this. Enjoy the ride. There is only 3 boats so make sure it’s full before you go. Or else someone gonna be waiting for awhile.

Found in this new area, is several monsters that have been in the dats but never used. We going prehistoric in this bitch. It’s a jungle full of dino’s so watch it! Of course there is a maze in the middle of it so don’t get lost. We got 2 big boys that do wander the area so watch out. Also there is a bank there cause you will need to take some cash with you.

I’m tired and will post the new item’s and mob’s tomorrow but if you can’t wait the MME has been updated. Of course the map part is blocked out till it’s explored.

So been working on a cool new area, and it’s a good size, so far we are at 1189 rooms! So there is plenty enough room for scripting, there is 7 new area’s that can be scripted. Everything has been built except items, not sure what you guys are in need of in the lvl 60 range. Lvl 50 range you got a ton of new items. So I need to hear from you what is needed in that range, this area will probably be doable at lvl 55, but 60 easily. Scripting solo by 70.

So holler at me in game, send me a tele(I read dumbass’s tele’s all day long) or hell an email. But tell me what I should add in this update. I like to wrap this up and put in the update this next weekend.