All posts for the month April, 2017

Ok so I wrote a program this weekend to provide players hirelings. For now it only for renting Dumbass to go kill shit or recover a death pile. You can hire him for an hour per runic. He will follow megamud commands sent to him if you hire him. But only from the player that hired him, minus basic party commands like @health, @heal, and so on. Plan to add others to this list of hireling npcs like a generic priest, warrior, and mage.

To hire Dumbass, check to see if he is in the halls, go up to the temple healer and “buy token” from him it cost 1 runic. Then give the token to Dumbass and he will become your happy little bot. If you hand him another token while you have time left he will extend your time by an hour. So buy 2 and hand him 2 you get 2 hours.

There is two commands beyond mega’s set of commands and those are:
@done will end your time early if your done with him
@time will tell you how much time you have left on the job.

So I added 4 new maps today. I added Mithril Hall, Many Arrows, Ocean, and Chult(part 1). That should be all my added area’s minus a few transitional areas and Icewind Dale(No one near this yet). I know I have been slacking on these and paths. So let me know which maps I’m missing and what paths do I need to add.

Also not sure if I ever mentioned there is a new MME or not so hey there a new MME with all the latest info, of course minus Chult part 2 map.

Ok finished the second part of Chult. I have added a level 70 quest that gives you 100 mil exp and a cool trinket per your class. And of course it’s a realm runner and require you to kill Jeffery(massive sand worm) per player, so enjoy that. It also includes new armour and a weapon for witchhunters at level 70. Gives some decent bonuses and actually has an on use for when you complete the set.

Not gonna list out all the new items but will list a couple a few things.

multifaceted diamond:
Loyal: 1
Mana: 100
Mana Rgn: 20
Max Spell Dmg: 5

multifaceted ruby:
Loyal: 1
Max Dmg: 3
Dodge: 10
HP: 100
Level: 70

multifaceted emerald:
Loyal: 1
Max Dmg: 2
Dodge: 5
Mana: 50
Mana Rgn: 10
HP: 50
Level: 70

healing salve:
Uses: 10
heal: 30-50 (non magical)
Level: 30

superior healing salve:
Uses: 20
heal: 80-150 (non magical)
Level: 70

magmatic spear: 2H sharp
Speed: 2500
Str: 80
Acc: 12
Dmg: 25-65
HitMagic: 8
Crits: 3
MR: 25
Rfir: 15
OnHit: 10% 10-30 damage
Level: 70