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So I have finished the hireling system, and added 6 hirelings. They are either 75 plat or 150 plat, depending the the level you choose. You can buy tokens from the hireling shop that’s north of the axes shop in Silvermere. Once you by a token goto to the backroom and give the token to the hireling you bought a token for. Careful I have not put in a system to reject tokens for the wrong hireling. Once you have done that you will get a message and the hireling is yours for an hour. If you give them another token while you have time left it will extend your current time but 60 minutes.

If a hireling dies and mega actually works right they will end up in the halls with their hireling gear, and should re-equip there items, and weapons when they go into battle. Then they will be back to having no general items like a rope and money.

Now for those that haven’t read the previous post once you hire a hireling you basically have full mega commands on the hireling. And only the player that has rented the hireling will be able to do commands. There is two more commands added they are @time which will tell you the time left and @done will end your contract early with the hireling. When the hireling contract ends either by running out of time or you ending it with the @done command. The hireling will sys out and return to the waiting room.

So here the stats on the hirelings:
LowPriest level 50:
Ac: 98/20
Hp: 635
Mana: 676
Attack Spell: exalted word

HighPriest level 90:
Ac: 139/65
Hp: 1030
Mana: 1016
Attack Spell: exalted word
Extra healing command: @fuck will cast divine breathe(massive party heal)

LowMage level 50:
Ac: 87/22
Hp: 600
Mana: 676
Attack Spell: prismatic beam
Multi Attack: Prismatic blast (more then 3 monsters)

HighMage level 90:
Ac: 127/42
Hp: 1029
Mana: 1016
Attack Spell: dark lightning bolt
Multi Attack: tidal wave (more then 3 monsters)

LowWarrior level 50:
Ac: 102/22
Hp: 1238

VetWarrior level 90:
Ac: 126/42
Hp: 2094