All posts for the month June, 2017

Ok so I have now added the third section of Chult. I would say last one, but they just released a bunch of info on Chult like undead dino’s. And I love that idea.

Ok got sidetracked there. This update brings with it a few more items to be found. Three new bosses, a new quest. It also brings in another connection to the underdark. The area brings with it new scripting spots, and some new mobs. Almost forgot brings healing to mages and higher level healing for druids.

I have also did some tweaking on a few higher lvl items, and fixed the limited issue with some of the new chult items.

Ge out there and go kill some shit! Ohh yeah also a new MME is out with this update, and few days ago I have uploaded some more maps. If there is any maps that are missing let me know.