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We haven’t done a mob hunt in a while now in the edited realm, so I decided to do one for my birthday. So on the 5th late at night I will take the board down for a couple min and enable the mob hunt. And it will go for 24 hrs, so it’s time to get on your boss hunting hats and go find the birthday sash!

For the newbies here that asking what is a mob hunt? Well a mob hunt is where I will take 3 totally random bosses ranging from mad wizard to a matron, so everyone has a chance to get one. I will then put on a special item on it to drop 100%, and make them 24/hrs regen. Then you have 24 hrs to kill bosses till you can find one. These items are unique and have something really cool they do, and this is the only way to get those items.

Also once again I need to remind you don’t be a dick and keeping killing bosses after you find one. Give everyone a chance to get it.

So mob hunt is over! But we came out with 2 of the 3 birthday sash’s found. The two lucky guys where Wintermute and Jek. The 3 mobs that where chosen this time was great green dragon, ancient gremlin shaman, and high druid. They found theirs on the druid and dragon. Nice job guys!

Birthday sash:
Max dmg: 3
Crits: 3
Alter spell length: 3
Alter spell dmd: 3