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So lets talk about retiring, yes your getting old and have killed a lot of mobs. Your bones hurt, and you just can’t gain any more exp cause you are just that good. What do you do? Well you retire is what you do! Put your legs up in front of the fire and sip on that cold frothy mug of ale. Time to tell your stories to the noobs and relax. Sure there will be times you just need to get out there and show your might, you can still do that. And I’m gonna tell you how…

Ok so we have a new account class now. If you have a high level character or you maxed on exp you can let me know and I can switch that account to retired. And once you are in in the retired class you are then charged credits to play that account. And you can then make another account to play in the realm to start new. You can only have 3 in the realm at a time, so you will have to choose which one is left out. The retired account will start with 2 weeks of play time in credits, so you can pull them out of the moth balls and play them when you want to. If you run out of credits contact me and will talk about your excessive use of a retired account;)

Got any questions shoot.

FYI mud costs 30 credit’s a min.