All posts for the month September, 2017

So I finally got a chance to sit down and fix the maze. I broke it down so instead off opening/closing 10 doors in the whole area down to 2-3 doors in a small section of maze you are it. So should be a lot less stressful on the engine. And in the process found the issue, missed typed one of the rooms so it was trying to open a door in the desert that didn’t exists. Which to hit it was a 1-100 chance so maybe why it was so random.

Once again ran around for an hour with kod in there and had no issues, but the same was last time. So cross your fingers.

The Netherese have arrive to claim the realm as theirs!!! Do you have what it takes to brave the barren desert known as Anauroch. Since the return of the Nethril empire the deserts have began to grow life again, but still not enough to make it hospitable. But can you make it thru the mind numbing maze to even make it to the desert???

So part one of the Netheril updates have been installed. This is base for what is to come, and test to see you are up to the full challenge of the Netherese Princes! With this update I have added quite a few new spells, new items, new mobs, and lots of chances to die from falling;) Your levitate cloak will be your savior. To start go find the nomad in the tent on the east side of the scorching desert, ask him netheril.

I added few spells for each magic class. But the one I want to talk about really is the new druid wild shape spells. They transform you into a bear/monkey and will give you bear/monkey claws which you need to equip. While in wild shape you get no spells but your combat is pumped with the claws equipped. To exit wild shape you either let time run out or “use claws”,this will bring you back to your normal self. I did some testing but will need input to tell me if the combat boost are worth the trade for a spell attack instead. Also if you have an overcloak equipped your description will just be blank till you change back.

I also did add a few new bard spells, gave them a new room attack with a chance to drop a room stun. Priest got a new attack spell, and mages a new armour spell to up their dr maybe they won’t be so unhindered like the other magic 3 classes. Have to look at the MME there is quite a bit that is laid down to be used in the upcoming patch.

So go find the nomad and take deep pockets and your levitate cloak.