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So I finally finished this module! Sorry took me so long, been extremely busy lately.

So this new update adds the prince’s houses and a quest. After you have slain all the princes and complete your quest your reward are socketed weapons. Unless your a mystic or witchy, they get special items since they don’t use weapons/magic. The socketed weapons are new type of weapons. They all you for a fee to socket a gem into the weapon. That gem will effect the type of proc damage it does and the resists or whatever it adds. In the future upgraded gems will be available to do cooler shit. The master dwarven smith can help with the socketing procedure.

New Mobs:
Zhentarim warrior
Shadow Wraith
Netherese elite guard
Netherese templar
Netherese priest

New Bosses:
High Prince Telamont Tanthul
Prince Rivalen Tanthul
Prince Clariburnus Tanthul
Prince Mattick Tanthul
Prince Vattick Tanthul
Prince Yder Tanthul
Prince Melegaunt Tanthul
Prince Lamorak Tanthul
Prince Dethud Tanthul
Prince Escanor Tanthul
Prince Brennus Tanthul

New Quest:
Only hint I will give it starts in Anauroch.