All posts for the month April, 2018

First after over a year of fucking with DMA servers I finally cracked it with help from several people over on For 95% of you that just went “WTF he say”, it’s a module that will allow me to run games other then mud on another server. This means I can have more since the 3 realms really push WG to it’s limits.

So today I have attached it to the board and will allow for a ton of old games we played back before we got addicted to mud! Check out option D from the main menu.

Also to make the edited realm happy for the downtown I have added the ability to enchant crystal armour at lvl 70 like the menzo armour. This is for the leather gap I left at lvl 70. It adds the menzo armour buff spell and up’s the ac and stats. I will be uploading a new MME tonight with this new info.