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The Stock and Mudrev realms have been reset and people are already doing the mad dash to gain that precious exp. It always nice to see that beginning dash of a fresh realm. I will be holding back a week before I start to play just to let others get that head start before I start the climb up the top list. Also let the players get all the goodies. So get on in here if you haven’t already.

Also don’t forget there is no retrains, alignments or GJR for the start of the stock realm.  Also anyone who made lvl 45 before the reset announcement will be able to get sys go’s at lvl 40.  Just a little thank you for being loyal.

But with the resets I have also updated the Edited realm. I did pull an MME file but forgot to block out some areas, so expect that in a few days. For now I will give you a quick and dirty list of all the spells and items that got changed.

black adamantite warhammer — bs stats adjusted
black adamantite warhammer — bs stats adjusted
forged longsword — bs stats adjusted
forged mace — bs stats adjusted
socketed warhammer — bs stats adjusted
socketed shortsword — bs stats adjusted
ion stones(all) — Actual stat increased removed and buffs adjusted for the spells
small vampire tooth — don’t remember
Blibdoolpoolp idol – changed to 1 use
overcloaks(clacker, rotheskin, star field, and lionskin) — made lvl restricted to lvl 90 and sell-able?
silver holy symbol earrings — stats adjusted
emerald turtle earrings — stats adjusted
golden dragon earrings — stats adjusted
topaz monkey earrings — stats adjusted
Vault pass — put in the game
vault deed — put in the game
vault key — put in the game

bigby’s hands — adjusted
arcane knock — new spell
acid fog — new spell
Otiluke’s freezing sphere — new spell
Otiluke’s telekinetic sphere — new spell
Otiluke’s firey sphere — new spell
Otiluke’s icky sphere — new spell
nature’s protection — new spell
nature’s camo — new spell

Added in the vaults, and usable now.
Added in the old mineshaft back to new haven area.

So the reset is only a few weeks away, and the board has become very slow since the announcement. But that is expected especially since summer just ended and people are busy. But the reset is just in time for the holidays and plenty of time for boss runs! Hold tight only a few more weeks!

But I didn’t want the Edited realm to feel left out, so I plan to have an update for them as well! It will include new vaults, lots of spell tweaks and additions. This is not really new content or area’s to explore but more of a content adjustment. There is plenty of new spells for several classes, and a couple new items here and there. And lots of small bugs fixed, so if you know of any let me know so I can make sure I get them in there.

Ohh yeah I wanted to give the realms some kind of cool names to label them more then just stock,edited, and mudrev. You know like wonderland, deaths walk, or some other shit. So give me some ideas.