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But it has a new IP, so you will have to flush your DNS to get back on.

In windows: windows key+r with bring up the run command. Type “cmd” and hit enter. Then type “ipconfig /flushdns” hit enter. Then try to connect.

In Linux: If you don’t know how what the hell you running it for!

Bear’s BBS will be down Sunday afternoon, for a couple of hours. I will be installing the new router and will need some time to setup the whole network on it.

I do want to thank my players, you guys rock. You are some of the best mudders I have ever mudded with. I want to thank you for all the donations and support thru the years. You are the reason this board is so rock solid and fun to play on. So many great souls that has graced us, thank you!

I have added the first part of a series of updates, this is start of the Thay area. You can get there from the volcanic wastelands. You get the introduction to the red wizards in this update. They are the rulers of this land, so be careful! Also with this update there is a new trainer for lvls 150-200. I have raised the max to 200, and think this will be the final level increase. Also this area is design for lvl 70’s to explore part, and then area’s for 130+ so there is a wide range of mobs in a small area…so watch where you walk;)

large vampire tooth–added mage class
made 10 town npc zero exp…so no farming
fixed quest medallions so max abils should not effect daily resets

New Boss:
Cave Bear

New Areas:
Thay forest
Small Village
Forbidden Forest