All posts for the month July, 2019

So been a long ass time since we done a mob hunt in the edited realm, so this Saturday we gonna have nice old fashion mob hunt in the edited realm.

So whats a mob hunt you ask? Well I will take several bosses in the realm from mad wizard to Neth prince and add a special limited item created for the day. Whats that item? You wont know till it drops to know what it is. I will drop hints thru the day on what it does and where they might be found.

So good luck!

So all three top hats have been found. They were on Queen Ant, Night Hag, and Water Giant King. Salvatore found the 2 on hag and king, while Geb found his on the queen, so now you know who to hunt to get these prized items! The top hats are a +2 ac item, with 3 charges of full cure of hps and mana. It has 3 charges for life, so use wisely.