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So this year instead of a single day event for a killer item, we are gonna do a week long event!!!  This event will last from Dec 24th to Jan 2nd.  And your gonna need the time!

Something is happening at the north pole this year, the word is something has possessed Santa! North pole has become a crazy place with killer elves running around with deadly candy canes. Can you and your crew gather the components in time to stop Santa?

This quest will start with Slim, ask him Santa to start it. There is 2 identical areas, one is from lvls 1-100, and one is for 101-200. The layout is the same, just challenge ratings differ. I’m still debating on allowing players who have defeated Santa back into the area. The low level area is more geared for 50+ players, but some of the areas will allow you to dip your tow in and survive if you don’t go too far.

The event has started. If you are lower level start in the south and work your way east. The nw corner is the hardest area, and south being the easiest. Enjoy!

New Item:
Santa Beard:
Location: face
AC: 2
Casts: christmas ornaments 5 times no recharge.
— room attack 170-2050(min=lvl*4+50, max=lvl*10+50)
— (So longer you hold the item the more powerful it is.)