All posts for the month May, 2020

Somethings I did forget to mention with Thay 3 release, I got excited it was released and forgot these two points.

First I have have expanded the portal room in Lost city. Now it supports Ten Towns, Thultanthar, and Amlambar. They require you to have been to the city and bought a token. Each token is a one time use. So stack them up. They are loyal so will stay with you when you die.

Second point is Patreon. I have recently started a Patreon page, for subscriptions. There is no way I can charge for subs to a BBS these days, no matter how good it is. So if you feel the work that I do is worth a buck or more a month, stop by the page and subscribe to a tier. If you sub for a buck a month you get access to extra post about content I am working on ie. spoilers. If you do 5 a month, you get a cool “Pimp” class title. And access to the spoilers. This is a way to show your love to the board, and help the parts and weed fund grow. There is a link in the right side bar to it. Click it you know you want to.

Also will release a new MME next weekend, you guys have hit Thay hard and found most the secrets to be found already.

It has been 6 months in the making, and I’m sorry for the delay!

Szass Tam has shown his face finally!  Can you find him?  New exciting lands have been discovered, can you find the treasures hidden throughout Thay?  There is new spells, monsters, items and much much more to be found in this new area.  

Hidden in this new patch is a new endgame quest for the ones that truly want to show there power.  Several new areas from lvl 90-200.  There is even a new town you can call home.  

So stop reading me and get out there and start killing!