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So tonight(12-24-2020) around 8pm I will be taking the board for a couple minutes to enable the Mob Hunt in Edited realm. It will run till Saturday morning.

So for those that are new and curious what a Mob Hunt is. I will choose randomly 5-6 bosses and add a special item to his drops. These bosses can be anything from Mad Wizard to a matron in Menzo. So there is a chance for every player to get one. I also make their re-spawn time the length of the event so they only spawn the item once.

As always I ask you play with manners, you find one stop hunting so others have a chance.

Mob Hunt is over. Dopeman, Ishmael, and Doctor found 3 of the 7 out there.

Mobs selected:
High Druid
Champion of Blood
Lady of the Dark
giant pulsating cocoon
Jarlar the Feared
great green dragon