All posts for the month January, 2021

So for a long time I have relied on players and me doing a scan with a clunky app and tracking users down by hand. And this has let many many people slip thru cracks, even some long time users.

Well we all know I’m lazy and I also get frustrated doing it at times and let people slide. Well those times are over.

I have worked on a new mod for goslink(sysbot) to do this for me. It will now start to monitor the realms and watch for players having more then 3 in a realm. If it finds someone in violation, it will choose the user on with the least time in the group and ban them for a set time. The time start at 30 min and will get longer and longer for each offense.

I hear a couple of you saying what about me, I play and my kid/wife/roommate plays too. Well contact me and I can whitelist you.

This module will not be enabled for 2 weeks, so for those in violation can get a hold me. Don’t hesitate or you might loose out in valuable scripting time!!!