All posts for the month March, 2021

So next Saturday I will be re-banging the current TW game, and the new 24/7 game. Yep I have added a new 24/7 30k sector game. It has has another new alien, I started it up today to see how they progress and test them out before I re-bang the universes next week. So come check them out and play around before I reset them next weekend.

So finally got this mod finished. Took some time with 600 plus rooms with half those being mazes! Also the quest completed and hopefully fixed the bug with the last soul/hide issue.

In this mod we open up the portals if your on the quest, and you get to jump the planes and explore the great beyond. This mod kinda geared to start playing in 60-80 range, but to complete most likely have to be 100+. Hence the lvl 100 cloaks. Yes the reward for this one will lvl 100 cloaks to upgrade your tattered lvl 50 cloaks.

So get out there and explore the Astral and Chaos planes.