All posts for the month April, 2021

So today I updated the edited realm, it has a couple bug fixes and expanded the invasion system.

First lets talk about invasions. I have added 2 new ones to happen in lost. The real dark elves and real duegars can now raid Lost City. Also added bosses and a token drop to the new and old invasions, bosses are random so won’t always get one. If you find the bosses they have higher exp, and drop a token. You take this token to the guild master and you get a chest. At now I will keep the options secret, but astral diamonds and jagged mithril are possible.

Another big change is the the row out from the reef to Aquarious. To stop the spam, I have added a delay to the command and a chance you take damage on a failure. Another one some of the big boys will like, you can now replace your neth mask. Go back to the guy and ask him “mask”. And the last big change is you can now sell mithril/crimson feathers at the junk yard.

There was a couple other small bug fixes but my memory is failing me now.