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Menzoberranzan Mobs & Scripting
05-16-2015, 08:55 AM,
Menzoberranzan Mobs & Scripting
Before I get into this, I want to take the opportunity to acknowledge and thank Kodiak for the amount of time and effort he puts into the edited realm. His talents at creating and developing, and his desire to keep things challenging and exciting, are much appreciated.
Recently, I have had several conversations with players, and have taken note of conversations in gossips, having to do with scripting. As the realm grows and players levels increase, we are running into a bottleneck of sorts with many players chomping at the bit to get into the few high level scripting areas that are included in the stock realm. I know there are several players, level 60 plus, and even more that are level 50 plus, that feel the areas they script are insufficient for their needs.
In the short time I have been playing, Kodiak has gone live with several add-ons that have the potential of providing high level scripting. There are three that come to mind; Plasma Tunnels, Demon Pits and our newest and most challenging area, Menzoberranzan.
As these new areas have come online, I have looked forward to trying out my hand at scripting them. First, for the challenge and the hoped for rewards. Second, it would allow me to move on from the spots I script now thereby freeing up areas for other players.
My efforts at scripting these new areas have been intense. I have tried over and over again to do so without any success. By success I mean, earning or surpassing the experience I currently make in my scripting spots.
Many of you can testify to the fact that I have tried to script these areas many times, but have experienced nothing but failure.
Kodiak knows that in Menzo alone, I have died at least a dozen times - and counting (and spending 1-3 hours per death retrieving my dp).
So my issue has to do with the mobs that inhabit these areas. Not just for scripting potential, but for exploring as well.
I have given a lot of thought to this and would be interested in the feedback of others.
I have compared a number of mobs (monsters) stats in these new areas to the mobs in the high level scripting areas in the stock realm. I believe those areas to be Storm Mountain, Storm Outpost (I know, it's an edited addition), and Webbed Lair. If there are others, I am unaware of them.
In those areas we have Horned Spiders and Storm Giants. Their stats, experience and HP, are as follows:
Horned Spiders Exp 7,000 HP 660, Storm Giants Exp 9,500 HP 750. Webslinger solo scripts Webbed Lair (kinda fitting I think) and one-rounds Horned Spiders. I have tested both Storm Mountain and Storm Outpost with Web and he does the same there. Experience is 4mil+ per hr.
For me, the next logical step would be Plasma Tunnels, Demon Pits, or Heaven help me....Menzo. The problem is, I have tried, not with Web solo, but with all 3 of my guys; Web, Ronin and Ammon. My party of 3 is unable to script any of these areas without hanging or dying. Even when I am able to do it for more than a minute, so I can see an experience rate, the experience is divided between the 3 and it's very low, <1.5mil per hr (granted, Plasma Tunnels is designed for Witchies, but there are only 3 Witchies in the realm and none are active).
Now, why is it so tough to script? Let's look at the mobs in those areas. I will remind you at this point that the day before Kodiak got married and went on his honeymoon, he gossiped that he was worried we would take up all the good scripting spots in Menzo before he returned. All I can say about that is, ROFLMAOPIMP!
Horned Spiders 7,000 exp 660 HP
Storm Giants 9,500 exp 750 HP
Phaerimm 10,000 exp 750 HP - Plasma Tunnels
Hezrou 30,000 exp, 1,000 HP - Demon Pits
Marilith 30,000 exp 1,700 HP - Demon Pits
Dark Elf Commoner 10,000 exp 3,000 HP - Menzo
Dark Elf Warrior 12,000 exp 3,000 HP - Menzo
Dark Elf Guard 20,000 exp 3,500 HP - Menzo
Dark Elf Priestess 30,000 exp 3,500 HP - Menzo
Yes Hezrous, Mariliths, Dark Elf mobs give good experience, but not scripting experience because of the difficulty in killing them.
Believe me, a Dark Elf Priestess can hang Webslinger (level 82) in one round. Other Dark Elfs aren't far behind. Hezrous and Mariliths aren't quite as wicked, but still, my 3 can't script them at all.
So, here's my proposal, and this for the sake of freeing up scripting areas for the up and coming players.
1) Plasma Tunnels (designed for Witchies), reduce the Phaerimms magical weapon spell damage, or add items to realm that would allow non-Witchies to get Witchie like magical resistance.
2) Demon Pits - cut experience for Hezrous and Mariliths in half, reduce HPs to 800 Hezrou, 1,000 Marilith
3) Menzo - 3,000 HPs for a 10,000 exp Dark Elf Commoner is just too much. The risk/reward is unbalanced IMO. Same for all other Dark Elf mobs.
The way I see it, these areas ought to offer the chance to make more experience than the stock scripting areas. But the damage to experience ratio needs to be adjusted to make that a real possibility.
Also, considering how much money the edited realm requires for leveling and new items (Obsidian Tower), Demon Pits and Menzo are great areas to earn platinum.
Kodiak has opened new worlds for us in this realm. They offer great potential for exp/leveling and earning money. Just some tweaking would offer the right balance of challenge/risk vs. rewards.
Sorry about the novel! I really hate typing this much!
05-17-2015, 01:15 AM,
RE: Menzoberranzan Mobs & Scripting
First off damn that's a lot to read when waking up in the morning. Second great input. I will take some of these in and do some tweaking on the mobs. Not Quite sure how much and what but I agree need to do some tweaking or add new areas to make up the gap.

Might have to read this again when I wake up more.
05-18-2015, 02:19 AM,
RE: Menzoberranzan Mobs & Scripting
(05-17-2015, 01:15 AM)BearFather Wrote: First off damn that's a lot to read when waking up in the morning. Second great input. I will take some of these in and do some tweaking on the mobs. Not Quite sure how much and what but I agree need to do some tweaking or add new areas to make up the gap.

Might have to read this again when I wake up more.

Yeah, it is! I didn't even preview the post before I submitted it. Took too long to type it, then was in a rush to get out the door. You get the gist though.
Glad you're open to tweaking things a bit. If you do add new areas, all the more fun for us Smile
05-21-2015, 02:58 AM,
RE: Menzoberranzan Mobs & Scripting
I agree with a lot of what Web said.

But also I'd say not all new areas have to be scriptable. Look at the DragonTeeth Hills. Not worth it to script there, but it's a cool area for an expansion.

So maybe a split on new areas - some scriptable, some not.

Just something else to ponder.
05-22-2015, 05:32 AM,
RE: Menzoberranzan Mobs & Scripting
I see your point Rap, but I have a different take on what Kodiak is doing with the additions of his custom mods, though I may be wrong cause I haven't actually discussed it with him.
You're right about DTH, but that area is part of the stock game. DTH serves the purpose of getting players to destinations that they can script, or to locations/bosses that are part of a quest.
Since this is an edited realm, Kodiak's mods require a great deal of time, energy, and sweat on his part to create and implement these add-ons in the first place. With all the effort he puts into it, I can't imagine him designing a new area that functioned like DTH.
If you look at what he's added thus far - Hedge Maze, Ancient Sewers, Frozen Tundra (Ice Castle), Volcanic Wastelands, Storm Outpost, Aqurious, Sunken Reef, Phaerimms, Dead Forest, Demon Pits, Menzo - I believe they are all basically designed for scripting, and some for collecting cash, for players at various levels of play.
I think Menzo is one of those areas that demands a players' attention. It can't be overlooked and the potential to script it is phenomenal. There are multiple locations that can be utilized for that purpose. But that can only happen if it's doable. I want Menzo to be tough, but I want it to reach its full potential as well. If it's too hard, people will end up staying away from it and that would be a shame.
05-22-2015, 07:30 AM,
RE: Menzoberranzan Mobs & Scripting
I only made 2 areas not design to script. That was the phaerimms and demon pit.

What makes my area's hard to script is the amount of mobs in 1 room. I made them 6 per room in most areas. Mainly for high regen. Now several of my area's also require a party to script like ancient sewers and menzo. Not sure why I though people be down to party script, I guess that's the old ways in me. Now I know if 1 person hangs it kills the whole party but I'm also looking at people want the biggest amount of exp they can make.

I do need to make some adjustments mainly to menzo to make it scriptable, which when I get time next week I will work on them.
05-26-2015, 09:11 AM,
RE: Menzoberranzan Mobs & Scripting
well, the phaerimm arent scriptable solo by anyone unless they are like lev 75 or so. my cleric has 235 MR from the phaerimm armor and the hog witchy didnt have much more and he couldnt handle it down there.

problem i see is, either the mobs are too hard, or the armor/spells/weapons havent increased to keep up with the mobs. level 50 bark torso is the same ac as other plate torso. its 25 levels below whats needed for menzo, plasma tunnels and other places.
2nd, from what ive seen and heard, the mobs hit way too hard.

now i have to say, i REALLY applaud the effort to make this realm special. i really dig it.

but, as i said before, the normal areas (non-bear expansions) could use a good jolt. tons of problems will be solved if you would input the lairs mod.
it more than doubles the regen of areas (like dth or mermex areas, mithril mines, tasloi, etc.). this would keep us from pushing the bigger guys out so fast. it would take 12 seconds to implement the lairs mod and would fix a heap of problems now. THEN work on new items/spells and/or dumb the mobs down so we can fight em.

i gave an idea for sand dragon armor. we can come up with more. tons of dragons we can cut their hide from. and being that its dragon, give it MR like the phaerimm armor. we need it for bigger spell casters.

dont forget a good only mace type weapon to help with running the mausoleum. that would open up a place for good peeps to run without having to add a new scripting spot. weapon or plate shield with the same bonuses as the large silvery/copper cross. maybe with a little something added to negate the vampiric mist's envelop(388) spell.

maybe limit it to 3. level 65 or so. or, built a suit of armor around the concept. name it "nightstalker armor" or something, i dont care.
(i will expand on the armor in another post).

in closing, the **lairs mod** could fix a lot of stuff fast.
a plate shield with a silvery cross on top of it could open up the mausoleum.
ASD armor set for those 65+ could help with the newer areas.
newer spells/weapons to combat those harder areas.
05-27-2015, 02:42 AM,
RE: Menzoberranzan Mobs & Scripting
I have looked at liar mod, but if I was to put it in it would blow away a lot of my edits in stock rooms. It would help. I do see the issue with the 50's-60's issue. I have been giving it thought. Just been busy. And my buddy did a surprise visit from Montana, so I have been gone for the last 4 days. He won't let me near the computerWink
06-02-2015, 03:06 AM,
RE: Menzoberranzan Mobs & Scripting
(05-27-2015, 02:42 AM)BearFather Wrote: I have looked at liar mod, but if I was to put it in it would blow away a lot of my edits in stock rooms. It would help. I do see the issue with the 50's-60's issue. I have been giving it thought. Just been busy. And my buddy did a surprise visit from Montana, so I have been gone for the last 4 days. He won't let me near the computerWink

I don't know that we need lair mod. Your edits are pretty rad and I don't want to lose those.

I didn't realize ALL of menzo was to be scriptable. I thought it was mostly a quest area initially.

I'm down with whatever I suppose - as long as it doesn't ruin all your hard work!
06-02-2015, 03:22 AM,
RE: Menzoberranzan Mobs & Scripting
Menzo is to be scripted in so many ways. I have 6 area's for roomers, several areas for big party scripting. And a couple easy area's for solo's(85+). But as web has found out it, it's a bitch down there. We have talked about a few changes but that was last week before I disappeared on people.

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