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Sunstone Wristband Upgrade
05-23-2015, 03:26 AM,
Sunstone Wristband Upgrade
So I was looking at the post from Zeus for Belts and Facemask. Looks like it was talked about briefly then fell by the wayside.
Lionskin Belts and Stormmetal Bracers are pretty much it unless you've snagged a limited item. Would be nice to see something new that was for higher level players.
Now, rather than push that topic, I've been thinking...since Kodiak already did an upgrade with an existing loyal item, i.e., Phoenix Feather, why not do the same for the Sunstone Wristband?
A loyal item that could be upgraded via a quest once you reach a certain level, say 70, maybe 75.
You might call it the Novastone Wristband (something like that). Stats could be:
HP+50, MaxDamage+2, MaxMana+25, ManaRgn+10, Loyal, it would negate the same monster spells, but maybe another one or two could be added, like negates fear.
Maybe there could be two types of upgrades from Sunstone Wristband, one for tanks and the other for sneakers, healers, etc. Similar to the option you have with the Phoenix Feather upgrade to Crimson or Mithril Feather.

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