This is a set of PHP webpage that connects to a server written in php.  The server consist of a collection of Bash scripts that are ran from the PHP server.  The server even accepts connections through telnet.  So command line commands can be sent to the server.

That’s the basic of what it does.  The long technical explanation is…

This is a simple PHP/Bash program that runs on the command line and use different bash files to control the MineCraft sever.  It can check for it running, or stopped. It can then restart if needed.  And of course kill the locked server, and if you ever ran one it happens a lot.  I even put in an update routine so you could update plugins and the server remotely.  It uses a simple API style socket connection.  So 90% of the commands you send it a string with a password, command, and options.  And it will send you back the results of that command.  Some do a constant connection but mainly to feed you info for a bit before it drops the connection.

The website part of this was really a thrown together.  It a very simple set of PHP pages that just send the commands and show the info it gets back.  I had someone who wanted to design the site for me, since he was going to school for it.  But he never did one.  So I just left my crappy one on there which could control up to 3 servers with it.



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