This is one of my first Java apps.  It is an app that connects to Mud global chats together.  It also servers as an admin bot for the realms that it interconnects.

This was my second Java app I made.  The first has some private url’s in use, and a very simple Bukkit plugin so never made it public. This was where I cut my teeth on java tho.  I learned the headache of using threads with this one.  The connecting of chats was more about getting the right info from the garbage an old telnet program sent.  Once I figured out how to clean up the info coming in.  It was a simple matter of sending it to the other thread to send.  And I added the bot at the end.  Which is a simple issue again.  It just looks for certain lines to to come in and respond to it.  I think the hardest part of this whole project was learning how threads worked.

This is a very ugly bunch of code.  It what I learned Java on.  And nothing like my current project I’m working on.




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