This is a 98% pure PHP IRC client.  It was built to run on Linux.  It also provides anonymous connection to IRC servers.  Since the connection comes from the PHP server.  I had written to tie into my 3 MineCraft server’s chat.  Through an old plugin it had tied the chats using SQL to store the chat messages.  It got messy real quick.  So I setup a IRC server on the internal network, and used IRC plugins to connect the servers to it.  So I made this since all the other PHP irc clients didn’t work and plain sucked.  This PHP client like I said 98% PHP.  I run two JS scripts to keep the page scrolled and the online users updated.  It basically gave my 3 MC servers web chat, with a MC design.

This is also the project I used to teach my self CSS.  And didn’t see what the big deal was.  It’s pretty easy to use.  I don’t see why people complain.


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