Finished Gui settings in GosLink

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So finished up the GUI settings today. Also changed it out if it doesn’t find a, it will throw you into settings. And then you can setup your server with out having to dink with a text file. Most the time was just building the damn loading and saving methods. Just a lot of redundant lines. Also found out if you call to a class in the static method, and that class calls to a method in the main class. It will just freeze up, with no response. I guess it hasn’t loaded methods at that point. And it just freaks out, I would think it would throw an error or something. But a few steps through the debugger and you realize oh it doesn’t like that.

Still need to add defaults to it so when you launch it everything not blank and scary looking. Other then that, until someone asks for a new feature I find something else I think GosLink might hit the shelf again.