So the Stock realm had a vote in the forums 7-2 to reset. So after 4 and half years of slaughtering innocent mobs and raining terror upon the friendly city Silvermere, the realm will be reset! But wait there is more after 2 years we are gonna reset the mudrev realm! Yep two resets in one!

So on November 17th I will be taking the board and wiping all the hard work invested in those realms and make it like it never happened. But now you all have a chance to get your hands on my precious emerald-tipped crozier! So if you never played before come check us out we are a weird bunch but we will grow on you. If you old friend come back and see what you forgot about when you let real life take control.

For Stock reset I will be disabling alignment for the first month, and not handing out GJR’s. I’m debating on disabling @retrain also but lets see if you guys can talk me out of it. For those that had reached lvl 45 pre announcement will have the level reduced for 3rd toon and sys go’s. I will be lowering that restriction to lvl 40, to say thank you for playing and being part of the family.

Mudrev info is still yet to be determined, wait to hear from Sly(Brad) for more info on that in the coming weeks.

For a couple of hours, like that click bait?


Next Saturday(25th) I will be taking the board down for a good part of the day.  I need to do some work on he actual vm server. A little tiding up, and adding some extra fans, the server has been getting a little warm in the heat we been having here in Portland.  And I want to enable worldlink on our system, so we can do worldlink email and chat on the board.  But I need to do some performance tweaking I don’t think the board is back to it’s true self still, before I put another load on it.

Techy Talk:

I need to get it off the 5200 rpm drive and on too a faster drive.  It’s just the OS but I think it’s effecting the VM’s also.  Sometimes it is just so laggy it shouldn’t be, and I think it’s down to the IO somehow.  Also need to move the network ports around, somehow the board is using the wrong lan port so need to move that to the correct adapter and get it off the adapter with the other high traffic VM’s.

So I’m back from my needed vacation from the techy world.  I have been working on spells for the last couple of weeks.  But I have hit a bug on spell resistance.  I know Ill been bitching and I think I found out why something it seems way out the world on damage being reduced.  But besides that I have added a hand full of spells and a few tweaks trying to make some spells better for their levels.  I have also finished the Neth Vaults so those are coming soon, and they are pickable but even Dumbass would struggle to pick it all buffed out.  I plan to also tweak the lvl 120 items to make them better then the lvl 90 stuff that came in and out shine them now.

On a side note I’m also looking for donations, why you may ask? Well I have owned WG and MMud lic in the past, but they were only 16 and 24 user counts. And as you can see I am well beyond those even if I could combine them. So I have been in talk with the owner of WorldGroup, yes he is still active, and plan to purchase a bigger license to count for all the cool users I have playing. Why pay for a 20 yr software that I already have cracked? Well one simple reason, support and say thanks. For those that don’t know WorldGroup has plugins still be released, not often but people still work on them. And more you show support to this small dying community the longer it will last. So coming from a person who does this for the love of the old days and not money, it always nice to see that support. So go hit that donate button on the right side there and show a little love.

TLDR: Debo is back, and what you got on my 40 homie!

So it’s been a long week for me slaving away at night to get everything back to the way it was. And a long 3 day weekend to pound away at it. But the system is back to 99%.

We had two major losses in this battle. First it was the Door games, I did not have a backup plan for that VM so all progress in those games were lost. But it back up and running.

Second lost was keys. All users lost their key ring, mainly effects the stock players. If they had earned sys goes that key was wiped. So if your still missing your key holler at me and I can get them back on your account.

Where we sit at this point? Well the VM host is running the OS off a 5400rpm laptop drive, so it’s a tad sluggish. But I have all the VM’s on the raid6 array so speeds should be good. So in a few weeks I will pick up a new drive for the server’s OS and will have a few hour downtime while I re-build the OS. But got to find the cash first, the 6 2Tb drives drained my spending founds for a bit.

So today while setting up the new raid for the VM server the main drive which was boot and where all the VM where kept, died while trying to boot the system up. Semi-fortunately I had taking a backup of users and all the mud data to my drive locally. So all the mud info is in tack! Which really blows cause this week was to test and start to move things to that new raid 6 drives, and next weekend move the board. But no the fucking drive couldn’t last another week! So now it’s in the freezer waiting for me to grab an external enclosure tomorrow and try to see if I can pull anything from it. I hope so sounds like the read head died.

But lost the core OS, so while I hosted the server on my host I install ubuntu real fast on a spare 5400 rpm drive(ouch) and got a vm built and running WG and mud. So Mud is back to running, but no dma server so no door games, all that info is lost so all those games will have be reset. Cross your fingers and hope the tech gods smile upon me tomorrow when I try to see if I can get it to spin up.

If I can’t get any of the data I have a lot of backend to rebuild. Scary part right now I have no nightly backups right now. Cross your fingers the board runs smooth and no major issues tonight.

Drive went boom, lost everything. Board is backup after a mad dash all day.

During some maintenance work on the VM server I have lost the main drive and VM’s!

Good news is I did run a backup of the game data and pulled to my local drive.

Bad news is I have to build up a temp system on my machine, so the board might be a little laggy till I can rebuild the main system. Give me 30 min and I will have it up on a temp home so I can rebuild everything.


So Bear’s BBS is about 87.341% back to normal. I have a new VM built on the server, I got the board back to pretty much the correct state.

For stock users if your missing sys go’s please let me know.

First after over a year of fucking with DMA servers I finally cracked it with help from several people over on For 95% of you that just went “WTF he say”, it’s a module that will allow me to run games other then mud on another server. This means I can have more since the 3 realms really push WG to it’s limits.

So today I have attached it to the board and will allow for a ton of old games we played back before we got addicted to mud! Check out option D from the main menu.

Also to make the edited realm happy for the downtown I have added the ability to enchant crystal armour at lvl 70 like the menzo armour. This is for the leather gap I left at lvl 70. It adds the menzo armour buff spell and up’s the ac and stats. I will be uploading a new MME tonight with this new info.

So I finally finished this module! Sorry took me so long, been extremely busy lately.

So this new update adds the prince’s houses and a quest. After you have slain all the princes and complete your quest your reward are socketed weapons. Unless your a mystic or witchy, they get special items since they don’t use weapons/magic. The socketed weapons are new type of weapons. They all you for a fee to socket a gem into the weapon. That gem will effect the type of proc damage it does and the resists or whatever it adds. In the future upgraded gems will be available to do cooler shit. The master dwarven smith can help with the socketing procedure.

New Mobs:
Zhentarim warrior
Shadow Wraith
Netherese elite guard
Netherese templar
Netherese priest

New Bosses:
High Prince Telamont Tanthul
Prince Rivalen Tanthul
Prince Clariburnus Tanthul
Prince Mattick Tanthul
Prince Vattick Tanthul
Prince Yder Tanthul
Prince Melegaunt Tanthul
Prince Lamorak Tanthul
Prince Dethud Tanthul
Prince Escanor Tanthul
Prince Brennus Tanthul

New Quest:
Only hint I will give it starts in Anauroch.

Did a few updates on the site tonight. I fixed the links in the newbie guide to the level pages, didn’t know it was broke. I also added the undermines map to the map section, and updated the lvl 60-70 page with Chult info.

Please let me know what else I’m missing in the newbie guide and maps. I’m a stoner and miss shit;)

So I finished and install the second part of Netheril. This area is not all that big but it is needed for the 3rd part with the quest. So don’t expect to find all that much in this area. But you will need lots of money here. I will post up a new MME tonight so keep an eye out for that.

Also with this update I have added astral diamonds. They are a form of currency they can be traded in for 1000 runics. Some NPC will accept them for cash. To find out more goto a bank and “greet teller”.