Ok so sat down did some testing and playing today. And the outcome is the water pump on the water cooling for second cpu went tits up.

So the temp fix is to pull the second cpu and the water cooler. Which meant we lost half the ram on the box. So stuck at 12 gigs, not sure if the mud server could run decent with that.(For those that don’t know it was design with 6m in mind).

So the parts list is stacking up. Now water cooler and batteries.

Ok so last night while watching what was happening with the server temps and trying to dump my data asap, I had copied the full server folder. Including the daily backups. Now the server went down again so after a few hours I asked to get it started again and my guy to copy the folder of the main drive and onto drop box or something. I figured the network copy would be a low cpu tax and not running any vm’s will help.

So he did this and sent me a link and I downloaded and proceeded to copy the server folder over and tried to run it. Thinking my day was gonna be a happy one and the board be running. And bam error! Bitching that it wasn’t 64bit compatible. So went through and tried to do compatibility mode and different things and no go.

So I said screw this lets throw up a new 32bit vm, maybe it was some add-on screwing me up. So I build a VM real fast throw in WorldGroup and test it and it runs. So I then put in the backup and a box flashes up and gone. So several hours later playing with different things and finding out the backup’s are bad. I get mud loaded but doing things I shouldn’t have to.

So I finally open up some of the files, and most of them are just blank files place holding! The damn backup never actually finished! So right now I have a valid backup from 7-15 that will allow the board to come up and be playable. That is 8 days of lost game time. Now I have a time set aside tomorrow night to sit down with my guy and work on the box and get this issue fixed. So I will try a data copy again to get the files I need to make the server run. And then I will put up the vm, while we try to get the actual box fixed.

So this whole time I have been thinking it was brown outs killing the server, nope it’s overheating. So I’m trying to get the server packed up and I will build a VM tonight on my local machine to get the server up tonight and going till I can get the main server issue straightened out.

Not sure why it is down. I didn’t noticed it till I got home at 1:30 am after an all day funeral. And I’m heading to work early this morning. So I have already sent out 2 messages about it. Haven’t got a response yet from the guy.

So as soon as I know I will let you know.

So remember a few weeks back I had said the ups battery had gone bad and needed to replace it. Well I was looking at next month buying and shipping the batteries to the server location. Well the world gave me the bird on that plan. Today there was a breaker that was blown, and when the server was restarted it gave 4 short beeps.

So we lost either the motherboard or the memory! If it’s memory no big deal I pull a stick and be happy, it does have 24 gigs of ram in it. But won’t be able to get this done till tomorrow. And all the recent backups are on the server. The most recent that I have that is offsite is from the 3rd. So we might loose 10 days if I can’t get the machine to boot up tomorrow. Don’t worry I will refund your subscription’s this month.

So the board will be down till tomorrow after I get off work, and get the guy to the box. And then we shall see if I can play with the memory and get it to boot. Or I need to throw up a VM here and rebuild the mud box, till I can get the main server running.

Crossing fingers!


Got the guy to look at the box tonight! He had jiggled a few wires and make sure everything is seated and up it came!
But lost a day’s worth of scripting. I had a few corrupted files that I had to replace but it’s back up and running!

I would happily take donations to replace the batteries sooner. Only need $50 dollars.

Not sure what’s going on with the board. I am working on it now. Not sure if the net went down or if the power out. I’m hoping I can get it fixed before I go to to work. I will update you as soon as I know more.


For some reason the box did not come back after a power outage. But what’s really got me wondering what is going on is the UPS never kicked in and keep the box up. But I won’t be able to do anything about this till later tonight. I have to head to work now so I plan to do what I can from work and what I can when I get home for that matter.

Cross your fingers that it comes up with no problems!


Ok so finaly got it back up. The UPS has died, and it wouldn’t let the machine boot cause it was in fault mode. Pulled the UPS and bam the server came right up. Doesn’t look like we lost anything either. Well other then no mud for the day. So get back in there and do some killing.

So I added the new info on the new update. I did not add the quest steps since you guys have yet to kill oz. But all the items info and the mobs info has been laid out. Laying it all out shows me I need to work on a few items to make them worth the time and money. Go catch up on the knowledge you need.