MajorMud SwingCalc

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So these last couple days been working on a very simple swing calculator for MajorMud. It a pretty simple Java app that will take a capture of some combat, parse it and add’s up your swings including any extra damage you might do. Then will do all your avg’s and tell you your basic numbers. It doesn’t do any thing fancy in the math. Just basic formula’s, which I will add below.

The reason for this project, I have a user on my board that kept doing a ton of testing on different weapons and was hand counting them. I cringed and popped this out for him in a couple hrs. But everything was hardcoded, but was saving him some time. Well 2 days laters added several features and made it pretty.

Total swgs=swings+crit swings;
Total Dmg=Norma Dmg+Extra Dmg+Crit Dmg;
normal avg=Normal Dmg/swings
Extra avg=Extra Dmg/Extra swings
Crit avg=Crit Dmg/Crit swings
Total avg=(Extra Dmg+Normal Dmg+Crit Dmg)/(swings+Crit swings)
Crit percent=(Crit swings * 100.0f) / total swgs

FYI is name is webslinger in game, the name Web’s swing calc.

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