MajorMud audit trail parser

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So I started some work today on a MajorMud audit trail parser. I have a few new users on my Mud board, and I limit accounts by hand. I will scan the last of the audit trail check ip’s and try to match it by hand. Well it can be tedious and easy to skip something. So I decided to make a Ip/user parser to make my life easier.

It reads the audit file and checks every line that has the “LOGON” line then pulls the date,user and IP. It then has a hashtable(I fell in love with them) that’s sorted by the IP. It handles the IP objects, and looks to see if that user is already in the list and then add it or change the date if it’s the latest. And then anything over the user/ip limit(defualt 3) it will display that ip, users linked to it, and last time they logged in.

At this point it is commandline only with switches, and spits the abusers list to the terminal. I plan to add a gui but been pretty busy with work and school. I also want to add an option to clear the log, because while I was working on this I noticed my log is 50 megs long and from when I first started the board 3 yrs ago. Just trying to decide if it’s the worth the work to do a trim option so saves say the last 50 lines.

PS. I haven’t been adding my new projects to Github cause a couple months ago my github plugin for eclipse went bonkers and haven’t had the time to figure out why it wont upload to the master.

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